About Us

Princess Anne Automotive Center is located on Princess Anne Road in Norfolk. While we've been here for a while, the business has recently been handed off to Rick Proffitt. Rick has been servicing cars in the Hampton Roads area for decades, and he is excited for the opportunity to move his business to this newer, larger location.

At Princess Anne Automotive Center, our team of professional, knowledgeable technicians understands the importance of providing outstanding customer service. We don't just want your money - we want you to think of us whenever you need to have your car or truck worked on. Return business is the key to our continued success, so we go to great lengths to make sure you walk out of shop feeling not only satisfied, but appreciated. In order to accomplish this, we are dedicated to providing you with honest, timely and quality service.

Our Team

  • Rick Proffitt

    Rick is the owner and general manager of Princess Anne Auto. Rick has been in the business nearly his entire life, and has amassed a ton of information about car repairs over the decades. His approach to customer service is really what sets us apart from other shops.

  • Donnie Murphy

    Donnie is one of the best mechanics we've ever known. Seriously, the guy is like a machine.

  • Charlie Luchau

    Charlie is one of Rick's best friends, and its not hard to see why. Charlie has decades of experience behind his belt, and he's as friendly as they come.

  • Zack Babb

    Zack is one of our inspectors.

  • Chris Simon

    Chris is our other inspector.

  • Rob Nixon

    This handsome fella is the guy you'll normally talk to you if you visit our shop or call. He's also the guy who built this website, so if you have any problems while you're here, it's probably his fault.

  • Daisy Proffitt

    Daisy is Rick's wife and the co-owner of this shop. She handles all of the accounting so we can focus on our customers

Swing by and and let us assist you with your automotive needs!